Class 12th English Important Question 2022 Up Board

Class 12th English Important Question 2022 Up Board


Q. What shocking experience did Douglas have at the YMCA pool?
And.- William Douglas speaks about the miss adventures with happened at the YMCA swimming pool. when he was about 10 aur 11 years old. A big Bully threw Douglas into the deep end of the pool when no one was around. As Douglas realised that he was drowning, he made several attempts to save himself, but all in vain. Finally, he felt that he would die and then he lost consciousness .when he gained consciousness. he was lying outside the pool. Apparently somebody had rescued him.
Q.2. why is Rajkumar Shukla described as being `resolute`?
How did Rajkumar Shukla established that he was resolute?
Ans.- Rajkumar Shukla is described as being resolute as he went Gandhi agreed to help him. He was adamant to take Gandhi to Champaran to solve the problems faced by sharecroppers there and so he resolutely went everywhere with Gandhi untill impressed with his tenacity, Gandhi agreed to go to Champaran.
Q. what made the peddler accept Edla williamson’s invitations?
Ans.- Edla williamson’s kindness made the peddler feel that he could trust her and this made him accept her invitation. Edla talked to him compassionately , assuring him that no harm would come to him, and that he would be at liberty to leave whenever he wanted.
Q. Saheb is no longer his own “master.” comment.
Ans.- Grinding poverty and the necessity for a life of substance have involved Saheb in rag picking. Rummaging through garbage does not provide him with a regular income but gives him freedom. He has all the Liberty in the world to roam with his friends in the streets without any very is to brother him.
Also, he can hunt for ‘gold’ in the garbage dumps. It provides him a hope and a thrill everyday in the form of a rupee or 10- rupee note.So, he looks forward to ragpicking.
The job he takes up of tea stall is one officer attempts to become his own master. Ironically, this further enslaves him.He is nav not free to roam aimlessly in the streets. His new occupation b him to serve somebody else.
My Mother At sixty – six

The poem has be written in lyrical idioms and brings out the complexity of human relations. 10 Central idea of the poem is ‘ageing’. Which is the eternal law of nature. The poet has had gone to meet her mother was pale face made her realise that her mother is getting old. The poetess becomes really upset. The poetess also mentions the close relationship which a mother and a daughter share. While going away from her mother who has grown old gets deeply saddened.

Class 12th English Important Question
Class 12th English Important Question

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