Class 12th English Prose Important Question Up Board

Class 12th English Prose Important Question Up Board

Short type questions

Q. What job did Saheb take up? was he happy?
Ans – Sahib took up the job of performing odd jobs at a tea stall, but was unhappy because he was ied down by the work he had to do, thus losing his impedance which he had earlier as a ragpicker.
Q. What makes the city of Firozabad famous.
Ans. Bangle- making makes the city of Firozabad famous. Beautiful bangles can be seen all over. Every second family is engaged in the business of bangle- making . It is the centre of India’s glass blowing industry where families have spent generations working around furnaces .

Q. why did the peddler drive pleasure from his idea of the world as a rattrap?
Ans. People had never been kind to the poor peddler. Therefore, he envied those whose lot was better than his, and was rather amused to think that some day they too would be tempted by the bait, and be caught in the rattrap .

Long type questions
Q. Edla proved to be much more persuasive then her father while dealing with the peddler. comment.
Ans.. Edla was more persuasive than the ironmaster because of her gentle compassionate behaviour towards the peddler and the kind manner in which she spoke. This convinced the peddler, to change his mind and accept the invitation to spend one evening with them. Although she had her miss givings about the peddler, she was happy to help a poor homeless man who had earlier been chased away by all. She wanted him to spend a day in peace and partake of the festivities of Christmas. She had been kind a friendly to him sympathising with his condition and making him part of their family for a day. This act of kindness made the peddler change his ways and he left them with a Christmas present for Edla and also returned the money he had stolen from the crofter.
Q. the Champaran episode was a turning point in Gandhi’s life. Elucidate.
Ans. the success of the Champaran episode made Gandhi decide to speed up the exit of British from India. Gandhi concluded that the root cause of the problem was fear, so going to law courts to solve the dispute was unless.
It brought him face to face with reality and he become aware of miserable condition of the poor, illiterate farmers. He also realised the exploration that lay beneath the policies of the Britishers. The spontaneous demonstration by the peasants was the beginning of their liberation from fear of the British. Civil Disobedience had triumphed for the first time in modern india. Gandhi declared that the British could not order him about his own country. Thus, it was a turning point in his life, which also served as a source of strength and motivation for his future moments

Class 12th English Prose
Class 12th English Prose

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